Food and cuisine

One of the attractions of the town of Santa Eulalia is the huge food and cuisine offer. Typical Ibizan, Mediterranean, Oriental, Italian… You can find all kinds of restaurants that will satisfy your greatest desires. One of the most popular spots is Calle San Vicente, in the center of town. A pedestrian street full of terraces with a very special atmosphere, especially at night.
On the beaches and coastline areas you can try the best seafood dishes of Ibizan cuisine, such as paellas, bullit de peix with arroz a banda, baked and grilled fresh fish dishes and arroz marinera. And if we go into the centre of the island, especially on the road to Sant Joan, you can find traditional Ibizan homemade cuisine based on meat dishes and sausages from the pig slaughters. Sofrit pagés, frita de porc, ossos amb col, arroz de matanzas, grilled and roasted meat dishes and other delicious dishes.

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